Local Businesses Increasing Need for SEO


Would you like your website to receive more targeted customers?  If you don’t have a solid presence established in the search engine, then you potentially are missing out on a lot of sales.  The biggest traffic for most websites continues to be the search engines, which might be surprising to you when you consider that so many marketers these days spend most of their time raving about how great social media is.  However, what makes the search engines such as a great source of traffic is that it results in visitors to your website that are genuinely interested in your business, which leads to higher conversion rates.


SEO’s ultimate goal is helping your website achieve the number one spot in the search engines for your target keywords.  Usually, the first position gets around 40% of all of the clicks.  That can result in a ton of search traffic flooding to your website.  However, with all of the fierce competition these days, achieving that goal can be quite difficult.


It takes a great deal of effort and time to achieve number one rankings in Google and the other major search engines.  However, achieving, 2,3 4 positions shouldn’t be considered a failure.  The cost, in some cases, of reaching the top spot might be higher than the ROI you can achieve from a lower position.  However, when your web pages are on page 2 or further back, you clearly need to increase your SEO efforts.


There has been an amazing rise in mobile.  It is incredible, that just a couple of years ago, everybody was still using desktop computers.  Consumer behavior has been drastically changed by mobile.  With just a couple of swipes or taps, you can access almost anything.  It applies to the SEO field also, since having a mobile-optimized website will give you a better chance of achieving higher SERP rankings.


Google, over the last couple of years, has been placing more importance on providing its users with the best mobile experience.  They understand how the future is going to be significantly influenced by how information is consumed by mobile users.  Implementing its mobile-first index is solid proof of that.  Google is now using a website’s mobile version when analyzing its ranking capabilities.  That definitely makes sense given that many websites have been optimized for use on desktop computers, but most people these days are using their mobile devices to visit these websites.


Many businesses favor being in Google’s map pack.  Websites that are included in it have the chance to show important business information like reviews, contact information and physical address.  Many potential customers are searching for that kind of information so when you optimize for the map pack you can expect to see an abundant boost in traffic.


Note that optimizing for mobile and local go together.  Many statistics show that mobile users who do local searches have a very high chance of turning into a real customer, whether your store is a brick and mortar or e-commerce shop. Having a mobile-friendly website will drive an increased number of local search, so this strategy takes both of these into account to produce the best results for you.


Search engines are an extremely powerful targeted traffic source and will continue to be so well into the future.  Using SEO to complement other types of digital marketing strategies can provide you with more chances to improve brand recognition, increase traffic, and boost your sales.  However, for beginners, optimizing various website elements can be very confusing.  If you work with an SEO expert, you can get great ROI and you won’t need to play any guessing games.  If you happen to live in Brooklyn, there are several Brooklyn SEO companies that can spearhead your digital marketing goals.  You will have the right strategies implemented from the very start.


Although part of your overall marketing budget will need to be set aside for SEO, it will be a very worthwhile investment for your business, since over the long-term it will produce high returns.  Increasing your visibility within the search engines might be just what your company needs to beat your competitors and enjoy a bigger share of the market.